Pamela Gilbert ’72 Built a School in Ecuador—and Endows CMU Scholarship with Gift in Will

Photo of Pamela S. Gilbert ’72
Pamela S. Gilbert ’72

Pamela S. Gilbert ’72, a retired math teacher who founded a school in the Andes Mountains of Ecuador, is giving back to Central Michigan University with a gift in her will that is establishing an endowed scholarship.

The Pamela S. Gilbert Endowed Scholarship will benefit teacher education students pursuing a degree with a mathematics concentration.

“Even during my formative years (ages 17-21 in 1968-1972), I knew that CMU was not only special but integral in my development,” Pam says. “CMU has an ‘honored position’ in my will.”

After teaching math for many years in Boulder, Colorado, Pam did a lot of traveling. She and her guide got lost during a hike in Ecuador in 2003, and two young boys helped rescue them—and told Pam that they walked two hours to school each day. Inspired to return the favor, she raised money to build a school and help launch a drinking water project in their village.

Pam’s gift to CMU comes from money made investing in Colorado real estate, and she credits a course she took at the university.

“It never occurred to me that the one-credit honors course in investment would impact so dramatically the rest of my life,” she says. “It planted the seed of thought to be responsible for my financial future. And I felt that it was only appropriate that I should share some of this bounty with the great place of CMU!”


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