Married Grads Fund Scholarship for Transfer Students

Photo of Bob and Diane Tomczak
Bob and Diane Tomczak

Bob and Diane Tomczak say they both began at Central Michigan University with no idea about their career paths—and left with a clear direction. And that is why they have directed that their estate plan fund a scholarship that will help other students find their own path.

Robert “Bob” Tomczak ’73 and the former Diane Carstens ’74,’75,’84 are endowing a scholarship for Delta Community College transfer students interested in studying applied sciences or business. Bob received an associate’s degree from Delta before transferring to CMU to study in the College of Business Administration. Diane taught writing at Delta College for several years.

“Students need the same opportunities that we had at CMU,” Bob says. “CMU has provided guidance and direction, and giving back is the way to show our appreciation.”

“I see many hardworking students stop short of receiving a college education due to financial constraints,” adds Diane. “Both of us see the need for good students to have the opportunity to go beyond a two-year school and complete their education.”

Bob had a long career in the sales and service of bank coding equipment, while Diane taught junior high English for 25 years in the small town of Vassar, Michigan, east of Saginaw. Bob said he chose CMU because it was easy to transfer from Delta, it was affordable, and he had friends who were attending. Diane knew about the school’s reputation for turning out great teachers. She also had family attending and said CMU “fit my comfort zone.”

The Robert and Diane Tomczak Endowed Scholarship will be funded through their estate plan. The Tomczaks said that they chose to make a bequest to CMU because they have few other beneficiaries, and it allows them to make the most impact with their financial portfolio. They urge other alumni to review their estate plans and consider including CMU. “It will be nice to know that through this scholarship, future students will have the same opportunities we had,” Bob says.

They expressed gratitude for the CMU education that allowed them to “learn from professors with real-world experience.” They also mentioned the CMU experience of “camaraderie with other students, coming of age, and making lifelong friends.”

The Tomczaks visited the campus recently and said it was nice to see the university growing—while retaining the character they remember.

“The memories came flowing back; I wanted to be 18 again,” Bob says. “We are proud that CMU has become more multi-culturally diverse and that it is growing and showing its importance to the state of Michigan. We are very proud that.”


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